Monday, October 24

Ortega Widens Lead in Nicaragua Presidential Race, Voters Focus on Jobs

PBS NewsHour - About 48 percent of likely voters are backing Ortega, the candidate of the left-wing Sandinista FSLN party, according to a recent public opinion survey by CID-Gallup. Fabio Gadea, the leading opposition candidate from the Independent Liberal Party, had 30 percent support among those polled.  

A pro-FSLN majority in the Supreme Court lifted a constitutional ban on consecutive and third presidential terms in 2009 to clear the way for his nomination.  Opposition leaders launched several appeals to the the decision, but all were unsuccessful. Ortega accepted the nomination in February.  Despite the political controversy, many Nicaraguans say they are focusing on daily life concerns, like jobs and the economy going into the Nov. 6 vote:  Read More