Friday, December 17

Costa Rica reinforces surveillance along its border with Nicaragua

Voice of Nicaragua - The President of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla, announced this morning the application of greater surveillance and control measures in the southern border following the conflict with Nicaragua, which she accuses of the occupation of “Calero Island”.  Nicaragua authorities rejected all the claims of President Chinchilla and replied that, in fact,  Costa Ricans had been invading their territory. 

Electronic monitoring of any activity in the border area and the installation of wiring to regulate navigation on the Colorado River are some of the actions mentioned this morning by Chinchilla to the press.  She also has decided to regulate the transport of food and fuel in the area to make difficult the work of the Nicaraguan soldiers.

The Costa Rican authorities also explore legal scenarios to prosecute nationals who have provided assistance to the Nicaraguan troops, which Chinchilla described as "treason.”

The president in the political field reiterated its acceptance of the mediation offered by Latin American presidents but warned that the starting point of any dialogue is the withdrawal of the troops of Nicaragua from Costa Rica territory.