Sunday, June 3

Ex-soldiers Fire Mortars in Violent Protests in Nicaragua  - Bloody clashes outside Nicaragua's National Asesmbly as war veterans protest for social security benefits.              
The angry ex-soldiers reportedly fired homemade mortars and rocks at riot police who turned out in force to break up the protests.
Authorities downplayed the clashes, saying there'd been no arrests.              
[Aminta Granera, Police Chief]: "One person was hit by what could have been a stick and I need to report that it is not a very serious injury and in another incident there were just minor scratches."              
Protesters say they represent thousands of retired soldiers who were part of the Sandinista revolution that toppled Nicaragua's brutal dictatorship in 1979.              
President Daniel Ortega has set up a commission to address the concerns but there's been little progress so far.