Thursday, May 3

Nicaraguan Poet Ernesto Cardenal Wins Queen Sofia Prize

Madrid, May 3 - Nicaraguan poet Ernesto Cardenal today won the Queen Sofia Ibero-American Poetry Prize, one of the major and prestigious awards granted by National Heritage and the University of Salamanca.

  Cardenal (Granada, Nicaragua, 1925) received the Award after tough deliberations by the jury, as Spanish poets Antonio Colinas and Maria Victoria Atencia were finalists.

The jury was comprised, among others, of Jose Manuel Blecua, director of the Royal Spanish Academy, and writers Antonio Lobo Antunes, Soledad Puertolas, Luis Antonio de Villena, Jaime Siles and Luis Alberto de Cuenca.

Cardenal is the 21st writer to be included in the list of winners of this prize, which acknowledges the work by a living author due to its literary value as a relevant contribution to cultural heritage in Ibero-America and Spain.  Source: Prensa Latina