Saturday, November 5

Daniel Ortega Isn't a Nice Guy: But Nicaraguans Will Re-Elect Him President Anyway

TIME, by Tim Rogers  - Daniel Ortega's closet is filled with skeletons that would terrify the bravest of campaign handlers. The 65-year-old Nicaraguan President — once the mustachioed Marxist in olive fatigues who bedeviled the Reagan Administration in the 1980s — has admitted to murdering a National Guardsman in 1967, been convicted of bank robbery, accused by a stepdaughter of sexual abuse and by Miskito Indians of genocide. He's been denounced for confiscating private property and using public office for personal enrichment, and blamed for the systematic undermining of Nicaragua's constitutional order — including what many legal scholars call his illegitimate bid to win another five-year term this weekend.  Read more